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Herbal Medicines Pose Risk During Surgery: Report
New York (Reuters Health), July 10, 2001

Reducing Stress Can Bring a Better Night's Sleep
ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN), April 2, 2001

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The following are basic news items gathered from AP, Reuters, and other standard "wire" news sources.  Please see other sections of this web site for detailed articles about Kava.

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Fiji Crisis Hits Dealers of Traditional Drink Kava
SUVA, Fiji (AP), June 11, 2000
Fijian coup leader drinks kava with soldiers
Reuters - May 26, 2000
Folk Cures on Tria - Alternative Care Gains a Foothold
N.Y. Times - January 31, 2000
Doctors warn that herbs may interfere with anesthesia
AP - October 15, 1999
Study: Prozac no better than older depression drugs
CNN - March 19, 1999


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Thorne Research kava kava Monograph
Thorne Research is a leader in the nutritional supplement industry, pioneering innovations in nutrition delivery, bioavailability, novel compounds, standardized botanicals, creative botanical preparations and formulations, probiotics, and truly hypoallergenic formulations.

Emerson Ecologics kava kava Monograph
Emerson Ecologics provides healthcare professionals with the highest quality nutritional supplements, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, standardized herbal extracts, green foods, and essential fatty acids - from the world's leading manufacturers of professional supplements.

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There is an important body of work that investigates the effects of kava on the body, and the chemical properties of the plant.
It is our intent to include many references and information in this section in the future.

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