Herbal Medicines Pose Risk During Surgery: Report
New York (Reuters Health), July 10, 2001

Reducing Stress Can Bring a Better Night's Sleep
ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN), April 2, 2001

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Fiji Crisis Hits Dealers of Traditional Drink Kava
SUVA, Fiji (AP), June 11, 2000
Fijian coup leader drinks kava with soldiers
Reuters - May 26, 2000
Folk Cures on Tria - Alternative Care Gains a Foothold
N.Y. Times - January 31, 2000
Doctors warn that herbs may interfere with anesthesia
AP - October 15, 1999
Study: Prozac no better than older depression drugs
CNN - March 19, 1999


kava in americaROCKVILLE, Maryland (CNN) -- A sweeping government study of antidepressants found that Prozac and other drugs of its generation worked no better and no worse than older medicines to alleviate major depression.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Prozac have been prescribed widely since they came on the market, but authors of Thursday's study suggested older drugs such as tricyclics may be better tolerated by some patients.

"SSRIs are therapies of choice for many practitioners, but there are a lot of options out there, and no particular class of drugs is routinely more effective than others," said Dr. Cynthia D. Mulrow, the study's lead author.


kava doctorsDoctors warn that herbs may interfere with anesthesia
October 15, 1999
(1506 GMT)
DALLAS (AP) -- Some popular herbal remedies -- including gingko biloba, ginseng and St. John's wort -- may prove dangerous if taken before surgery, according to doctors.

Researchers believe some of the most common herbal products might prolong the sedative effect of anesthesia, increase bleeding during surgery and cause fluctuations in blood pressure.

Patients should tell their surgeons about all herbal products they use, along with prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies, to avoid dangerous interactions, said Dr. Charles McLeskey, an anesthesiologist at Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple.


folk cures kavaFOLK CURES ON TRIAL

Alternative Care Gains a Foothold

ALTIMORE -- In the year he has suffered from osteoarthritis, Harold Katcoff has followed his doctors' advice, to no avail: aspirin, steroids, the latest anti-inflammatory drugs. The pills, he says, offer little relief from the stabbing pain in the back of his knees. So Mr. Katcoff, an 80-year-old retired pharmacist, is trying Chinese medicine instead. Or at least, he thinks he is.


kava artThe following news story illustrates how kava was used in a peaceful negotiation between a Fijian hostage-taker and soldiers surrounding the parliament building.

Fiji Army Soldier Scuffles with Hostage Gunman

SUVA, May 26 (Reuters) - Fiji coup leader George Speight and up to 20 armed men were involved in a tense confrontation with soldiers on Friday near the parliament building where Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry has been held hostage the past week.

Speight and his men left the sprawling parliament complex briefly and walked about 50 metres (165 feet) down the main driveway from parliament, where they shook hands with soldiers and drank kava, a mild narcotic.

fiji kavaFiji Crisis Hits Dealers of Traditional Drink Kava

SUVA, Fiji, Jun. 10 (AP) -- The central markets of Fiji's capital were buzzing today as shoppers jostled to buy coconuts, sweet potatoes in banana-leaf baskets and skipjack tuna unloaded from fishing boats bobbing behind the stalls.

But in the kava quarter, business has ground to a virtual halt as Fiji's government hostage standoff, now in its fourth week, begins to bite.