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Insomnia, Melatonin, Kava Root Extract & Delta rhythm Sleep

kava melatoninfind Arial, cialis Helvetica">Insomnia, Melatonin, Kava Root Extract & Delta rhythm Sleep

Since 1993, the Medline Database lists 1,179 published studies, many of which support the usefullness of melatonin as an aid to safe natural sleep and its role as powerful antioxidant. Additionally, other research has demonstrated that melatonin may offer protective influences against certain types of cancer.

In the January 1995, Journal of Pineal Research, an article entitled "A Review of the Evidence Supporting Melatonin’s Role as an Antioxidant," the authors summarize their findings, accumulated in the two years prior, concerning melatonin’s role in defending against toxic free radicals, the most damaging being hydroxil radical (.OH). Not only has melatonin been shown to be a highly efficient neutralizer of free radicals (more than even vitamin E) but it was also found to stimulate glutathione peroxidase activity in neural tissue, as the following abstract demonstrates:

"Exogenously administered melatonin causes a 2-fold rise in glutathione peroxidase activity within 30 min in the brain of the rat. Furthermore, brain glutathione peroxidase activity is higher at night than during the day and is correlated with high night-time tissue melatonin levels.  Glutathione peroxidase is thought to be the principal enzyme eliminating peroxides in the brain. This antioxidative enzyme reduces the formation of hydroxyl radicals formed via iron-catalyzed Fenton-type reactions from hydrogen peroxide by reducing this oxidant to water. Since the hydroxyl radical is the most noxious oxygen radical known, induction of brain glutathione peroxidase might be an important mechanism by which melatonin exerts its potent neuroprotective effects.

(ABST) Neurochem Int; (1995 May) v26 n5 p497-502

For those concerned about eye health, melatonin’s protective influences are especially good news. In newborn rats injected with a GSH-depleting drug, melatonin showed significant protection for lenticular macromolecules. Other research establishes melatonin as a useful supplement for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and for treating the symptoms of Jet Lag. Melatonin has also received a lot of attention because of its effectiveness in promoting natural Delta-Rhythm sleep. According to researchers at University of Haifa in Israel, Melatonin is showing the greatest promise as an aid to natural sleep and without side effects. As a naturally occuring brain hormone whose production is suppressed by many environmental antagonists including age, melatonin is vitally important in promoting natural Delta rhythm sleep. This the deepest sleep state and the phase during which the brain resets its sodium-potassium patterns. Additionally, optimal neurotransmitter levels are dependent on Delta rhythm sleep.

Kava Root Extract (KRE) has also been used by the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands for centuries as an relaxing botanical that also promotes Delta rhythm sleep. Because it potentiates the effectiveness of melatonin, it is the ideal complement in a melatonin complex formula. Kava Kava (piper mehtysticum) has been proven to be especially effective in treating refractory sleep disorders, including those involving headaches, menstrual cramps, and gastrointestinal disorders. Kava Root Extract contains significant levels of kavalactones and six fat soluble synergistic constituents.


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