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Kava has often been called "The Prozac Alternative".  Prozac (made by Eli Lilly), Zoloft (made by Pfizer), and other drugs are prescribed to treat depression.  The following are links to information about these drugs:

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kava and menopauseKava kava and Menopause
One group of patients who appear to respond extremely well to kava kava extract are women going through menopause, a time often associated with increased nervousness and anxiety. In a double-blind study forty menopausal women with menopaus-related symptoms were given either 100 mg of the kava extract standardized to contain 70 percent kavalactones or a placebo three times daily for eight weeks.  The beneficial effects of the kava extract were almost immediate, as after one week there was a significant improvement in scores on the Hamilton Anxiety Scale in the group receiving the kava extract.  As the trial continued, the scores continued to improve in the kava group.  in addition to improvement in symptoms of stress and anxiety, the group receiving kava kava also noted improvements in feelings of well-being, mood, and menopausal symptoms including hot flashes.  Again, these positive effects were gained without side effects.


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Insomnia, menopause, and herbal treatments

Kava kava and Menopause


kava stressHerbal relief: stress.

Industry Week
June 4, 1998

Taking kava, an herb used for centuries in the South Pacific, will reduce stress, say researchers Nirbhay N. Singh, Ph.D. and Cynthia R. Ellis, M.D., of Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia. Some 60 individuals ages 18 to 60 were given either kava or a placebo. Those who took kava twice daily found that their stress levels declined, while the placebo group experienced virtually no change. As for side effects, Singh concludes, "It is not addictive and does not lead to dose tolerance."


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kava menopause treatmentsInsomnia, menopause, and herbal treatments

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kava melatoninInsomnia, Melatonin, Kava Root Extract & Delta rhythm Sleep

Since 1993, the Medline Database lists 1,179 published studies, many of which support the usefullness of melatonin as an aid to safe natural sleep and its role as powerful antioxidant. Additionally, other research has demonstrated that melatonin may offer protective influences against certain types of cancer.


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aphrodisiacs kavaAPHRODISIACS by Aquarian

Aphrodisiacs! The word itself can send a tingle of anticipation down your spine. Throughout the ages almost every culture has used various `substances', usually herbal in origin, to put some zip into their love lives or in an attempt to cure the impotent. The types of preparation employed as aphrodisiacs ranged from the useless (except perhaps for their psychological effects) to the extremely dangerous, some being toxic enough to cause death! However, leaving those dangers behind....  The fourth type of herbal aphrodisiac is the one that seems to have the effect of directly increasing sexual desire and prowess, even increasing the intensity of the sensations felt during orgasm. After some extensive research and experimentation the two herbs that seem to produce the best results in this regard are Kava Kava root and Damiana leaves.


kava hawaiiKava as an Aphrodisiac

One of the lesser-known benefits of Kava is its aphrodisiac effect.  The following items deal with this subject:

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